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The design, construction, and operation of buildings has become increasingly complex and demanding to meet an ever changing landscape. Whether it is a new or existing building, many architects are increasingly expanding their scope to include energy components in their designs. Building systems, including the enclosure, security, life safety, lighting, plumbing, heating and cooling systems are complex. On-site renewables and the advance of “intelligent” buildings (among many other emerging technologies) present fresh challenges. The future of energy code compliance, meanwhile, promises to add still more importance to commissioning. Commissioning WorCx is a valued and effective partner in guiding the project team through these challenges.

Through our commissioning process we ensure the building systems are functioning optimally and efficiently both at installation and throughout the life of the facility. This in turn provides comfortable and safe environments, maximizes operational efficiency, and ensures regulatory requirements are met.

The specialized focus on commissioning and energy consulting means that Commissioning WorCx can accept and serve effectively on assignments at any stage in the life of a building – design, construction or operation.