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What is Re-Commissioning?

Recommissioning, or ongoing, commissioning, applies a systematic investigation process for improving or optimizing a building’s operation and maintenance. It may or may not emphasize bringing the building back to its original intended design. In fact, the original design documentation may no longer exist or be relevant. The goals and objectives for applying the process, as well as the level of rigor, may vary depending on the current needs of the owner, budget, and condition of the equipment. The recommissioning process most often focuses on dynamic energy-using systems with the goal of reducing energy waste, obtaining energy cost savings, and identifying and fixing existing problems.

What is the Purpose?

Recommissioning assures system functionality. It is an inclusive and systematic process that intends not only to optimize how equipment and systems operate, but also to optimize how the systems function together. Although recommissioning may include recommendations for capital improvements, the primary focus is on using O&M tune-up activities and diagnostic testing to optimize the building systems. Recommissioning is not a substitute for major repair work. Repairing major problems is a must before recommissioning can be fully completed.

Why Choose Commissioning WorCx for Re-Commissioning?

  • Commissioning WorCx trains our field staff to problem-solve from a big picture perspective; to track back from the symptom through the entire system. This process ensures that small issues, often ignored or undetected are found, preventing them from becoming serious and costly to you.

  • We have many solutions that support recommissioning, so regular commissioning check-ups allow us to examine various systems in detail, if required, which means you're saving money in the short and long terms.

  • Having us as the independent 'eye' on your building saves you time and money, because we know your building's history and won't require re-testing to set a base-line. You can trust that we know your systems and will spot issues quickly. All of which, increases your bottom line.