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Commissioning WorCx Philosophy

Our Mission

We specialize in commissioning new buildings and retrocommissioning existing buildings to ensure they meet their Owner’s Operating Requirements. We guide the design and installation of energy efficient and cost effective Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning systems and controls. Our goal is to provide long term value for building owners, to make sure building operators are properly trained, and to enhance the sustainable, carbon-friendly footprint of the built environment.

What is Commissioning?

Commissioning is a quality control process that ensures that a building owner gets the fully operating building that he paid for. In its most effective form, Building Commissioning starts at the conceptual design stage, and ends when the 12-month warranty period expires. It is also most effective when performed by a Commissioning (Cx) Agent who is independent of the Architect, Engineer, and Contractor, under contract directly to the Owner. It is most commonly applied to the mechanical systems, but also may include the electrical and life safety systems. These are the dynamic systems of the building with all the moving parts and complex interactions that provide the safety and comfort that the building occupants and owners expect. (

Primary Focus

Our primary business is commissioning new buildings and Retrocommissioning existing buildings to ensure that they meet Owners’ Operating Requirements, operate in an energy efficient and sustainable manner, and that building operators are properly trained. All of our efforts are focused on learning, and sharing knowledge gained and “lessons learned” with our present and future potential clients (and anyone else who is interested). We are actively involved in promoting commissioning through USGBC board membership, Building Commissioning Association participation, and facilitating training seminars for the Professional Engineers of North Carolina. We are also participants in the NC State Commissioning Committee and the PENC commissioning committee.

Experience and Credentials

Commissioning WorCx was founded based on 25+ years of Design/Build mechanical, electrical, and controls installation and service experience. During that time we worked closely with owners to help them evaluate their needs and then designed systems to meet their needs (and budgets). We oversaw the installation of mechanical systems, building management control systems and associated electrical installations. We were involved internally and externally with startup, test and balance, and commissioning of all these systems. We provided training or personnel to maintain and service the systems on an ongoing basis. We saw first hand that the systems met the owners’ requirements and fixed them when they didn’t.

This “cradle to grave” involvement embodies what commissioning is really all about. It is about total focus on the owners’ needs, and how to meet them.

We have demonstrated our abilities by achieving Certified Building Commissioning Professional status through the Association of Energy Engineers.

In addition, we were born and raised in the Triad and graduated from college in the Triangle, so our focus is completely on this area and we are not going anywhere else.

Commissioning Approach

Our commissioning approach is very hands on. We can communicate well with contractors, subcontractors, Engineers, and Owners at the on-site level. Our relationship with suppliers and contractors at all levels, and extensive knowledge of how the marketplace works allows us to expedite on the job issue resolution.

We follow and adhere to the Building Commissioning Association’s Attributes and follow the procedures outlined in ASHRAE Guideline 0-2005, The Commissioning Process.